Today was our last of US 103.3's "Drive-BY-Birthday's" - This is where parents e-mailed in with their child's birthday, and a request that our "little parade" could drop by. Our fleet consisted of US 103.3, Cool 98.7, Hot 97-5, and of course 96-5 The Fox. There we were, four-station vehicles, one following each other, traveling all around, outside of Bismarck, and Mandan. In the last week and a half of being a part of this, I tried to think back when I was like seven or eight. The BIG days of Christmas, and MY birthday parties - outside by the pool with all my friends, hot dogs, soda, and TONS of presents.

The way things are now, with the ugly coronavirus ruining everything, keeping people at home, NO birthday bashes, all your friends stuck in their homes, it has to be so hard for parents to fulfill their child's special day. The list of birthdays we celebrated today -Ruby, Rachael, Bethany, Brycen, Abby, Nolan, Ryer, Addison, AND Hailey & Madelyn - The smiles from the kids, to the parents, as we drove away to our next stop was priceless. Happy Bismarck Birthday!

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