It's a gritty well-known fact that it's pretty tough to start out your own business. Takes rolling up your sleeves and constant determination. Jake Wutzke knows all about what I'm talking about. He is the owner of Bis-Man Outdoor Services here in town. He began his adventure back in 2011 with a single truck. According to KFYR TV, his dream back then has blossomed into steady work and has inspired him to help others.

This past holiday season, Jake had a chance to "help give back" to an eager young man with the same goals that he had in the very beginning. 19-year-old Zechariah Schwarz fell victim to the virus - “Once COVID hit, I lost my job. I thought, I can’t make my money doing this and I hadn’t been making a lot of money before, so I thought the best way to do it was to get to it and go get it myself,”  -  he certainly had a rough time of it all, with having to drop out of high school when he was a junior, to take care of his son. Jake saw some big-time similarities between himself and Schwarz- “Zach really spoke to me. I was about his age when I started and with having a young child and his story of being there for his kid, that’s why we chose him,” 

Remember that truck that Jake had when he first entered the business world?  "That was old blue, that was my trusty truck that got me through a lot of hard times,”  -  Now you can find Zechariah behind the wheel.

              "I hope he gets to fulfill his dreams and support his family" said Wutzke.

For more on this story, the video, and info on both Jake and Zechariah's businesses info - Click here.



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