The joy of watching true baseball - I'm not talking about the Major League where American's pastime is considered a big business. Professionals who have been playing most of their life genuinely don't last on just one team their whole career - as their talents start to wane, they wind up getting traded, and then eventually they fade away - ending up in the graveyard of Hall of Famers or also-rans.

Bismarck Capitals - 15-year olds playing with their hearts

It is OUR team, and tonight these young men are playing in the quarterfinals of the Babe Ruth World Series - in Eagle Pass, Texas. They have earned the right to be seeded #2 - after some pool play earlier last week (ten teams around the country). After tonight there will only be eight teams left.

Nice win on Sunday

Yesterday the Capitals beat Mississippi 8 to 5, to wind up where they stand tonight - With a win over Pennslylvania, they will advance to play in the semi-finals tomorrow night. What most 15 year olds do, boys and girls, during the summer is worry about where they can swim at during the day, where to stay cool, and how to lounge around and relax. This Bismarck Capitals team, under the coaching of Skyler Strand and Nick Hinsz, are getting an early test of what it's like to play together as a team, to perform under pressure, and to thrive on good sportsmanship.

There is no such thing as a loss

Sure, maybe the end result on a scoreboard in Texas - where your team fell short, but the most important thing here is for all us to proud of OUR team, whether they win tonight, tomorrow, or even Wednesday - In my mind they are already heroes.


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