Now that we are in 2021, we can all look forward to a better year, right? That's the attitude I've been shooting for since the calendar flipped a new page. Let's face it, there were many times when it was almost impossible reading about good news in 2020, but here in Bismarck, two families excelled in 'Project Kindness' - the name says it all. These awesome people shared a common goal, to spread kindness and joy to others, to not surrender to the everyday struggle of bad news, social media hate, and other things in life that can easily bring us down. tells us more about the huge heart inside 11-year old Eva Brookes.

While on Christmas vacation with her family, they collected $280 from other friends and family. With their collected bounty in hand, they handed it over as a tip to a server at Rock'n 50's Cafe -  “He was surprised to say the least, we called it ‘Project Kindness.’' 

Eva's friend Heather Frey and her loved ones rolled with the project as well. Check this out, back last month, they raised more than $1,600 - hauling in donations from basically all over the country, so here is where Frey's family and friends split the money and went out for two super tips. Why did these local families do this? Heather described seeing one of the servers walk away in tears, while another was blown away by the unselfish gesture. "We can all use a little kindness.”  Brooke's experience with 'Project Kindness' sets a clear tone for her future -  “It’s good to give and always be kind,”  


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