A family in Bismarck has recently learned the hard way that trusting everybody is unfortunately near impossible. Nathan Jensen and his family getting into the spirit of fall and Halloween have had a pretty amazing crop of pumpkins - at least 3,000 to name a number. So the perfect way to teach your kids hard work, raising money on their efforts alone, and the value of the American dollar is to have a lemonade style makeshift stand - armed with plenty of pumpkins to sell and confident smiles ( from 6 years old Knute and his 4-year-old sister Hallie ). their mission is quite simple, to take the earnings and donate half to TR4 heart and soul. What a perfect lesson to teach their kids that Nathan and his wife have delivered, honest work, and a reward for everyone involved by donating from your heart and BUCKET.

Here is where the story turns sour, at night, right down the road from their property, the Jensen's set up a "pay-by-honor system" - by leaving a bunch of pumpkins and a sign that reads "One pumpkin for $5.00 - 5 for $20.00 " with a BUCKET right there for one to deposit the payment into. Last night someone with no conscience decided to help themselves to all the cash, and discarded the bucket into a ditch about a mile down the road. Of course, the kids were crushed when they got the news, but you can not deflate the spirit that Nathan and his wife have taught them, to pick yourself up and move forward and never let a malicious stupid act ruin what good they bring to so many people. I encourage EVERYONE to make an effort to stop by Lincoln farmer's market THIS Saturday morning from 9 to 11. There you will see a remarkable family standing tall.


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