I completely forgot what day it was. I woke up normal time, did my usual routine of feeding two cranky cats, and then proceeded to walk out the front door - off to another day of work. I had no idea how monumental this Thursday, August 26th is all over BisMan.

Kids hanging out on the street corner, some with parents standing behind them

As the cool morning air hit my face, and the sight of a big yellow bus rumbling to a stop, I realized that the kids waiting on the corner were facing their first day of the new school year! Bismarck schools everywhere were full of activity as chalkboards were all set - nice and clean - to greet the students coming back from their summer vacation. The first day of school, whether it truly is YOUR FIRST DAY, or maybe your LAST FIRST DAY - The jitters are with everyone.

Lunchboxes and backpacks

That's what I remember most when I was a kid, some lame old television show was featured on my square metallic lunch box, my backpack fairly light (no books to have carried yet). The transition between graduating from junior high to walking into a High School was terrifying for me. With the big seniors roaming through the hallways, I made certain I stayed off the radar, so to speak.

Ironically I really do miss the first day of school moments

As much as I was one of those kids that nobody knew, I didn't belong to any clique, I stayed to myself way too much - "Are you new here?" - "Nope, I've been sitting behind you all year" - I do miss what it felt like on that FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.


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