If you are a gamer, the frustration is about ready to make your head explode. I play video games, it relaxes me after a long day - don't look for me online though, I rather enjoy the solitude ( plus I don't want some 7-year old kid from Alaska talking smack to me as he is kicking my rear end ). For a good part of last year, the talk was that the brand new state-of-the-art amazing Playstation 5 was coming out just in time for the holidays. Terrific! I can go ahead and pre-order one, right? RIGHT???

It is now almost February and the elusive gaming console is STILL just a faint image that keeps getting dimmer all the time. The PS5 retails for around $400 ((Digital Edition) - The PS5 with Blu-ray will set you back at $500. Every video game enthusiast in town eventually surrendered to the idea of paying that much money, but now it looks like it will be sitting in your bank account for a while. Many people figured that if the stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Target couldn't land their hands on the PRIZE, then surely you can buy them on the internet - STOP - don't even try. I talked to Caleb, who works at the GameStop in the Kirkwood Mall,  he explained it perfectly. There are bots, scammers, and scalpers who have a stranglehold on this whole nightmare. They will be the first ones to secure a PS5, WHEN and IF they release them for sale online, and literally within like 22.2 seconds they are GONE. There is good news though, you probably could find some, somewhere on the internet that you can bid on, and easily pay TRIPLE the price. One last thing, I asked Caleb what the are the chances of buying a PS5 somewhere here in Bismarck today - "Once In A Lifetime", he answered.


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