What an honor this is

Can you imagine operating and owning your very own business here in Bismarck and Mandan, and being given an honor such as "One of the TOP _____ In The United States" - that's what Kristal Schaaf, Nicole Faut, and Bailey Brooks have experienced lately. In Kirkwood Mall, you will find KHS The Salon

KHS The Salon Facebook
KHS The Salon Facebook

Check out their proud Facebook post from last February:

"It’s with tears of JOY and a humble heart that I can finally announce that KHS The Salon has been named one of the Top 20 Salons in the US!
It’s our MISSION to elevate the beauty industry through innovation in education with love, right wisdom, clear communication and a servants heart. ❤️ The task isn’t and hasn’t been easy, but unbelievably rewarding. I hope when my time on earth is over, many hairstylists can say, “I had a better life (and career) because she paved a path and fought for the health and wealth of the hairstylist.”
Biggest thanks to my team who have trusted the process, to our clients who make our lively hood possible, family and friends who have cheered us on, and most importantly, to my husband, David, who lifts me up daily to keep going ❤️
And most importantly, all Glory be to God ❤️
To check out the published article and read the full interview, check the comments 👇🏻
Much Love and Gratitude,

As a matter of fact...

According to Beauty Launchpad Announces Top 20 Salons of 2024 They were at number 7 on their list.

7) KHS The Salon in Bismarck, ND (@khsthesalon)

A huge congratulations to this marvelous place!

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