Well let me tell you something, IF I was a time traveler there is ONE thing I have painfully come to learn...

Never, EVER give up your collection of sports cards. When I was growing up in San Diego, there was pretty much a year-round tradition ( when the weather was warm ) that I eagerly took advantage of - the sounds of the ice cream truck entering my neighborhood. Inside this four-wheel magical, musical truck, of course, there were ice cream bars of every kind, but even better- packs of baseball cards were sold. This was when my collection started.

I had well over 3,500 baseball cards at one point

Of course, If I was a time traveler, I would have known NOT to just give away all my cards to some little kid, for checking out online lately, I realized that I could have made a ton of money by selling my cards to collectors - it's big business these days. I WISH a place like Sports Cards 4 U was around back then.

New faces at the Kirkwood Mall

Pretty exciting stuff, especially if you remembered YOUR interest in collecting cards in your childhood, and you still have them. Sports Cards 4 U  could have all your answers to any questions. Check out what the Kirkwood Mall Facebook page posted yesterday:

‘Dakota Gaming Supply - Sports Cards 4 U’ is officially OPEN at Kirkwood Mall! Located right next to Auntie Anne’s in the North Court, across from Five Below.
Dakota Gaming Supply is a locally owned business opening their second location at Kirkwood Mall. They offer a variety of cards including trading cards, sports and non-sports cards and other specialty cards. Stop by and welcome me to Kirkwood Mall!

  It's worth stopping by, trust me.


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