Well here is the deal, I don't know too many people who enjoy moving

You know what I'm talking about, packing up all of your belongings, moving furniture and large items from one place to another. It can be quite a task you know...this is when you rely on all your buddies to come over and grab a box or two, and head on over to the new address ( sometimes that's all the way across town ) - Well this local business was savvy enough to MOVE and stay in the same building - The Kirkwood Mall!

Turquoise Skye has been in the Mall for a while now

So when the big move came to be, there were no hassles, just plenty of excitement - Check out what Kirkwood Mall Facebook had to say:


Turquoise Skye is now in a new location at Kirkwood Mall, located in the North Court near I. Keating, across from Children's Place. Come check out their new space and their assortment of blankets, rugs, clothes, and more! Store details --> https://bit.ly/4bfCkAe"
This is an exceptional place, their is something wonderful for every person, every occasion - for example, this past weekend was Mother's Day - and Turquoise Skye had quite the display of flowers and blankets, and anything else you can imagine that would make any mom comfortable.
Word of mouth
In any customer service business, word of mouth is so important. The dangerous ones are those who leave a store and tell other people negative comments ( without going to the owners first ) - Here is one example of how awesome Turquoise Skye is...
"i love this place, i never noticed it the few times i’ve been to the mall but im so glad i noticed it now. i bought a few things there and i LOVE them. amazing service and an overall great environment. they are very grateful and fun to visit with. all of their items are so good looking and worth the money. i will buy more things in the future for sure. i highlyyyyy recommend"
That says it all!

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