This story is near and dear to me, this is about a man who has had the demons of addiction torture him for almost his whole life. His name is Tyler Auck. He lives here in Bismarck, and at the age of 14, where it becomes so easy and tempting to try things, Tyler tested out drugs. There are so many people out there that can go through this phase, and eventually move on and escape the evil that kills, then there are people like Tyler, and myself. We are those that get swept into the darkness of addiction -  his was drugs, mine alcohol. Tyler spent 20 years of his life in hell. One of the greatest achievements a person can do is pull themself out of the ashes, and live each day, one after the other, sober. He has done that now since 2011.

A HUGE tool of recovery is dealing with the addiction - there are many ways of doing this, Tyler has written a book about his struggles with addiction and what it's like in recovery. The book is called “Broken Gifts”. 

KFYR had a chance to talk with him, and when asked what the book is about, he had this to say “It’s a story about from the time I was born into a home with addiction, physical and emotional abuse, different traumas that were given to me and the ones I’ve caused, And, it’s about ultimately finding sobriety on Jan. 5, 2011. I’ve always had this rolling around in my head, You know all those crazy things you do in life and people kept telling me I needed to write a book about that.”

Tyler has the perfect reason why he hopes people will buy his book, not because of any personal profit gain, but he simply wants people to relate to his story, to inspire them, to give HOPE. The hardest thing an addict or alcoholic can do is to try and recover on their own - There are resources out there, it's almost impossible to just simply quit and walk away from something so powerful and deadly - ADDICTION. When you are finally able to realize that you will always be an addict, I myself, will always be an alcoholic, then your world becomes manageable. We will always be in recovery - the distant memory of using and drinking will never leave us. Each sober day is a gift of God.

You can buy “Broken Gifts” on Amazon, or directly from Auck. Learn more on his Facebook page,


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