So many of us are on autopilot in the morning, we have our own routine during the week, stop off at the local store and grab a quick cup of coffee to go, taking the same route to work and back home. We take for granted others on the road that is doing the same thing, driving safe and sound - right? Well, the Department of Transportation has some data that many of us are unaware of. KXNET has reported that The 2017-2019 Urban Crash report ranked the 50 worst intersections in the state. The Bismarck-Mandan area has 6 in the top 20 and another 10 ranked 21-50. And when you look statewide, crash locations are also increasing in Williston and Minot. Century and State ranks 3rd on the list, totaling 110 crashes between 2017 and 2019. 4 spots down the list at 7th.. is the intersection of State Street and Interstate Avenue, immediately followed by Main Ave and 7th street.   

Why do we rank so high? Rachel Drewlow from Bismarck Metropolitan Planning Organization says the Regions population growth is one possible reason, Studies have been taken for possible measures to make our roads safer including a proposal with an idea of building an alternative highway 83 to somehow bypass the business district - however that proposed idea fizzled out last year which leads some to believe that it may take a while before some other plan is considered.

For those who have wondered where the worst intersection in the State was - if you guessed Grand Forks you would be right, 32nd Ave South & 34th Street. For more on this story click here.



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