So St Paddy's Day 2018 was finally in the books after this weekend and here are some  observations I saw out in the festivities: It was a fun day had by all ! With people drinking quarter beers at Blarney stone starting at 8 am. I purposely did not go out until 7 pm because I was curious to see who was still raging and who was winding down for the night here's what I saw:

  • Blarney Stone still had a good crowd going till at least when I left which was like 8:30. It wasn't unmovable packed though but all tables were filled and there was about 2 deep at the bar. They're Jameson and Gingers though were pretty light. 
  • Borrowed Bucks was slammed, I think they had a bar crawl end there but good luck trying to get in .
  • The Peacock was OK .. decent bar and tables were filled
  • The Pond was winding down. People in there were too drunk at about ten and the tool alert was definitely in effect. Of course not their usual crowd but St Paddy's brings out the worst sometimes.
  • Last Call in Mandan was out of control, Lotta drunks but somewhat happy and friendly ones. I believe it was part of the Mandan Bar Crawl, earlier in the night.
  • Ditto For Station West in Mandan. Those people out there like to drink !
  • The Comfort inn was kind of scary, but I saw they were pouring Dixie cups for the holiday so I immediately left ... I like my pint glasses of liquor
  • O'briens is where I ended up. Packed around midnight and love the drinks ! Had a couple of nice Guinness's and called it a night around two-ish .

All in all a good night of exploring and understanding how you celebrate Paddy's Day !

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