Somewhere in town, it is said that you turn in your man card when you have this beer.  There is also an idea that Leinenkugel created this beer. Sadly you are wrong on both counts.

I remember selling this beer to Irish bars in New York and the funny thing they all said ... OH, it just a shandy. Europeans have been enjoying this drink for decades.

In America, Leinenkugel is a phenomenon with the beer based on being first in the category in a country that is too busy to try new things.

The shandy known as a Radler goes all the way back to Munich Germany in 1912 created for the purpose of being a thirst quencher during the hot summer months

Leinenkugel rolled out this recipe inspired by that beer in 2007 and never looked back. Now Leinies is known to always have more flavor or sugar in their beers to appeal with a female crowd, but having one of these on a hot day, of course, does not make you feminine (maybe Mic ultra does lol).

Because of the popularity it caused, we now see the spinoffs: Curious traveler, Bauhaus, and like every craft brewery in America now.

There's something to be said for enjoying unique things in their proper context. So with that in mind when it’s like 96 and you’re in the middle of a field with no sun cover, why not have a shandy?

Here is a story and history about the Beer. The Shandy files 

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