Superheroes are everywhere right now and the concept is pretty interesting. Why Do we like them so much and who do we relate to?

At some point in my childhood,  there was a stigma with liking comic books like you might be a nerd , or someone only concerned with the land of make believe.

In this day and age though it's hard to turn on a TV or go to a movie  without running into some type of superhero story. The Avengers, Iron man, X-Men, Wonder Woman, Batman and most recently The Black Panther are monster Film franchises today.

My question though is what draws us to superheroes? Is it a psychological connection we have with our favorite hero?  According to an interesting article from the Atlantic there are aspects of our human condition that are built into the psyche of characters that draw them to us on a subconscious level.  Thats why we have favorite characters because in some way they remind us of who we are.

I'm a big Wolverine guy and of course not very happy on how they depict him in films         (except the movie Logan) I would think in a town like this there would be some agreement with that statement.

I am curious though in a town that's all about Pride and taking care of our own on a family level, what type of superhero would you relate to?  My Guess is the Uncanny X-men. Vote below.

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