Patrick Jensen is hoping the powers of social media can help bring forth a hero, someone who saved his life 20 years ago. This is a story meant for Hollywood, it really is. A fun outing at Lake Sakakawea turned almost deadly, as Patrick was on his Jet Ski having a blast with his friend when tragedy struck. KFYR reports that “I went down in a trough. It spun me sideways and stopped me. I was going 50 mph, I laughed at first, and then I remembered someone was behind me; I started to turn and that’s the last thing I remember.” Jensen's friend had barreled into him. Here are some key things Jensen remembers - while trying to stay conscious after the accident, he and his buddy came to an agreement that no matter how bad he was hurt, they needed to get to shore. Here is the incredible part " I remember looking toward the shore and here comes this couple to the water, dressed in their Sunday best. I remember him saying, ‘Don’t take him out of the water,’ then he reached in, turned me over really slowly and stayed in the water with me.”

Patrick was so banged up, that he remained in the hospital for 40 days, in that span he went through several surgeries -  "My diaphragm, spleen, pancreas, ribs and lungs were all damaged. At one point I had three chest tubes, I have scars still all over that side of my body.”

Just recently Jensen decided it was time to find the man that saved his life - after putting out a social media post that has been shared more than 1,500 times. his main goal is to thank the angel that was out there at the lake that one day. One thing he wants everyone to know, that if his search comes up empty, he hopes to instill in all of us what life is really all about - Kindness to others.

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