I found out a couple of things while on vacation last week, one was personal, the other was literally in my neighborhood. You see at first, I was pretty excited - the notion of sleeping in was right there at the top of my "TO DO" list. The other was just lounging around getting reacquainted with my PlayStation 4. "I'm going to be playing ALL week" I told myself last Monday. Two days later I ran into a mental roadblock, I started thinking about the holidays coming up, feeling sorry for myself that I was all alone - technically NOT ( four paws plus four paws equals two cats ) - another mood killer was social media. The stories of people writing about their hatred of masks and of those people who wear them - everywhere my internet took me, brought me such negativity.

Then I remembered something my doctor just recently asked me - "What kind of exercise are you doing?" - Well....does playing golf on my PS4 count? She said just get out and walk, get your heart rate up for like 20 minutes. HOW BORING IS THAT? 

Wednesday late afternoon I took that walk, I mapped out a nice square route, like some heroic first astronaut, I put one Nike foot in front of the other determined that this was going to be a trek into Boredom Land.  This was something that I needed to do a long time ago, I've been in Bismarck now for about 8 months ago, and was too damn lazy to get out and see what's up. My head cleared up halfway through, I saw people helping others ( pushing a car ), smiles were thrown my way from other walkers coming towards me. On a long street headed downhill, I took my time checking out a golf course that was just screaming for attention - I ran into a beat-up golf ball right there in the middle of a fairway - I let it sit there, for it had an amazing view of our State Capital building in the way off distance. Just off the sidewalk, on the edge of the course, at the base of a modest tree lay a beautiful array of flowers next to a plaque - no doubt paying loving respects to someone who is no longer with them.

I made that right turn and headed the last half mile or so uphill towards home. My thoughts of depression were vanishing with every breath I took in the cool air, the weirdness of this bizarre upcoming 2020 COVID-19 holiday season was becoming bearable. Tonight when I get off work, I will take my 6th straight 2.1 walk, and look forward to seeing that silver round x-mas ornament hanging on a tree depleted from its leaves, on a front yard in my neighborhood. The simple things in life are free.



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