Attention to anyone who has kids, OR who knows of anybody that does

Parents will be "Jumping" for joy over this place that will be re-opening this weekend - Ali and Jerome are the new owners of JUMPED UP - 2390 E Bismarck Expressway. This was posted on the Jumped Up Facebook page last Friday:

"Jerome and Ali here!! We wanted to introduce ourselves as the new owners of Jumped Up. We are very excited to provide the existing Jumped Up families, along with many others, the opportunity for many more years of jumping enjoyment. Our children are even more than we are. We hope to continue Roberto’s dream to make this an enjoyable and fun family destination"

Anticipation is set for Ali

I spoke to her this afternoon, she and Jerome have spent a lot of time cleaning and getting ready for the re-opening. She knows out of first-hand experience that a special place is needed for parents to take their kids to, to expend their energy at a healthy workout/fun bouncy house. They have six of them waiting for little ones to enjoy. Ali and Jerome have some modest goals, to eventually be open six days a week - Jumped Up will have a parent area, and soon a baby area. So get ready to "start your engines" kids all over Bismarck/Mandan. I just wanted to finish with this, the old owners had made some real sincere comments last week when announcing the change - "... We just want to thank EVERYONE in the most sincere way with emotions and hugs for supporting our family and the beautiful business we now leave in trusted hands" That's first-class in my book.

See you at Jumped Up!!!!!!!!!!!


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