Last Saturday most of the Bismarck and Mandan residents were grumbling about SUNDAY...

...for that is part of the "Hate it OR Love it" tradition when we are forced to "Spring ahead - fall back"  time change. I could care less, for I was focused on when my mail carrier was going to show up.

The previous Friday morning I opened up my email 

I read that I had a package coming from my sister. I stared at that notice all day long, minutes felt like months -  So why the tension? Why the nerves? My younger sister and I had lost touch - completely. Since September 2022 there has been no contact period. An argument on the phone which lasted barely 3 to 4 minutes Ended. As time went by, turns out that we both regretted that day but we were too proud to reach out to mend the situation - this is sadly something my mom and her brother went through years ago. One of them passed away before they could tell that person they loved him...or her.

That past family history went through my mind a lot 

Here is the thing, I know of many others who have become estranged from their loved ones ( to me it doesn't matter who is to blame, it's just sad ) - I sat outside many times on my deck wanting to change things, but I was too scared to reach out first.

My sister did

I'm so grateful. The package arrived and inside were two books that immediately brought tears - one that my grandfather wrote and dedicated to my mom, sister, and myself and a book that my dad signed back on my 12th birthday. I emailed my sister right away, thanking her for that thoughtful package. We talked on the phone for almost 3 hours and both agreed to never let a fight, a disagreement, no matter how big or small, separate us again.

Life is exactly what "THEY" say it is...

..."SHORT". I hope anyone who reads this can relate, family should be cherished. I want memories of my sister to be those I am lucky and proud to have. Of course, brothers and sisters fight, but I have never had anyone in my life who is so protective as Carrie .....( yes that is MY sister's name )  -  I'm telling you this out of experience, do what YOU can to repair a relationship - you'll never forgive yourself if that time passes. So I end with this, thank you to my sister for bringing us back together again, my life instantly felt whole again.

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