Last year Bismarck was jolted by a vivid, real Facebook post

I remember like it was yesterday when I first saw a post from a shocked and frightened young woman here in Bismarck last year. An incident happened at a local fitness center, inside a private tanning room -  a woman found a recording device inside a speaker. That same afternoon a suspect was fired from his job after admitting what he did through a text message to his boss. 46-year-old Layton Kessler was charged with four counts of surreptitious intrusion - misdemeanors. His bail was set at $3,000.

Suspect has already pleaded guilty

This past February Layton pleaded guilty to all of the counts he has been charged with. According to the "Layton Kessler faces nearly a year in prison on each of the four counts charged as misdemeanors. Fines of up to $3,000 are also possible for  each count. Kessler made no other comments during the hearing other than to plead guilty to the charges. He had been scheduled to stand trial beginning last February" A search of Kessler's past shows no past convictions in North Dakota.

A search on brought up his case 

Layton Kessler will be sentenced on May 8th. So what will be his fate? He has a clean record, so with that being said, will he receive probation and no jail time? The counts he is being charged with are misdemeanors, which also means he probably will avoid having to register as a sexual or a child offender. Time will tell - more specifically May 8th.

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