The cover picture of this article says it all

This is a restaurant here in Bismarck that is looking for a change - literally. A popular place that has been around now for about two years was on the edge of losing its owner. I Heart Mac & Cheese over at 4521 Ottawa Street is owned by Jesse Vetter. A couple of weeks ago it appeared like he was through - all done with the business - "Time for me to move on from the restaurant world. That being said BOTH Pita Pit and I Heart Mac & Cheese are for sale. Serious inquiries only. Please PM me"

Then a change of heart

"Update: NOT For Sale - Good things are on the horizon" Jesse had changed his mind, causing many people to take a sigh of relief. Now check out the latest - How would YOU like to come up with the new name of this place? A recent Facebook post from Jesse says it all...

"Some people close to me know how hard it was being a franchisee for I ❤️ Mac and Cheese. In fact it's been difficult since day one.
In the next few days I will be transitioning to a business independently owned and operated. I will eventually adding a hood vent so we can add burgers/wings and other menu items. Don't worry mac and cheese fans, I will be keeping our top-selling menu items.
I have a few names for this new restaurant in mind, but I'd like to get the community involved. So I want to do a contest.
Whoever submits the best name will win one free meal a week for three months. Good luck, get creative!

So good luck, and let your creative juices flow...

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