Let me start off by saying that usually, I give people the benefit of the doubt. I wait for all the evidence to surface, you know? I just don't go at someone full force until "he or she" dirtbag is convicted. So let me take a quick moment to clear my throat if that makes any sense at all.

A 92-year old Bismarck woman had more than $1,300 swindled from her bank account

According to the Bismarck Tribune "Christopher Shaver, 36, pleaded guilty Thursday to theft and unauthorized use of personal identifying information". Shaver and another pathetic snake teamed together to steal money from the woman's bank account.

A judge has ordered a Bismarck man to pay back more than $1,300 to a 92-year-old woman.

Check this out, the other weasel was a former Mandan City Commissioner and a Morton County Commissioner. Bismarck Tribune reported that "Shaver and another man Robert Christensen, 64, were charged in April" Way to go fellas, just another terrific role model for our youth.

How does one live with a spineless shell of their own body?

Something must be warped in your head if you actively pursue ripping off the elderly - my guess is that the wretched slimeballs live for the moment, and give any concern for the consequences of WHEN they will get caught. This unfortunate story is yet another example of how crooks can get your personal information, address, phone number, or in this case access to an elderly woman's bank account.

Do you believe in karma?

I certainly do, and these two chumps are experiencing that now.



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