I know what you are thinking..."Ahh this is old news, isn't it?"

My answer to that is "Yes, however, I want to see this well-loved icon stay put, and I know I'm not the only one who feels that way. Call me what you will, but I'm hoping for a miracle and so is FORB ( Friends of the Rail Bridge )  - a citizen group that is battling BNSF Railway and trying to keep our old friend around. Since 1883, the bridge has stood tall, and one of the options discussed was to turn the rail bridge into a pedestrian bridge - that was back in 2019, and the estimated cost came in at just under $7 million. Once again, "YES, this is old news" but the fight continues.

The North Dakota Supreme Court last Thursday had some disappointing results for FORB

According to the Bismarck Tribune,  "Justices unanimously ruled that the Friends of the Rail Bridge citizen group did not follow the proper process in challenging two state permits that cleared the way for construction of a new bridge. The court upheld South Central District Judge Jackson Lofgren's dismissal of the nonprofit's lawsuit last June" Still tough to imagine our skyline without this amazing bridge. Think about how many North Dakotans have marveled over this beautiful structure throughout the incredible 141-year span.

Sadly we are starting to slowly realize that one day our bridge will be gone

That sad day is coming, but for now, there is no set date for WHEN - I do want to point out that there will be NO dramatic set of explosions as you shed a tear watching our friend scatter into the Missouri River - because "...under the terms of a water quality certification for the project from the state Department of Environmental Quality" rules that out - according to the Bismarck Tribune. I guess all I can say is soak in the scenery as much as possible before the bridge is gone.

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