Bismarck State College was placed on lockdown this morning, Thursday, January 14. 

Update 4:45 pm: Bismarck Police have a 16-year-old in custody. The threat was originally posted on twitter and was reported to the FBI. The FBI was able to place the phone used to make the threat at the BSC campus. No one was hurt and the campus is now clear.

Update 4:20 pm: Bismarck Police have given students and staff and ALL CLEAR. Those on campus are free to move around.

Update 2:30 pm: BSC sent the following update to students:

From Bismarck Police Department. The threat situation on campus remains serious. The Bismarck Police Department is searching buildings floor by floor. Continue to shelter in place. Stand by for further instructions from the Bismarck Police Department.

Update 12:15 pm: BSC sent the following update to students:

The Bismarck PD is currently with our campus police searching LEA Hall. We had received a credible threat from the FBI that a student had threatened to shoot up the library with a machine gun, a picture of which was posted with the threat. We've locked down campus to stop traffic on campus. Remain in place until the police have completed their search and have given us an all clear.

Townsquare Media Bismarck was notified of the lockdown by a BSC student. The student received the following text from BSC at 11:39 a.m.

Scott Mann

Bismarck police tweeted that there is no active shooter on campus. A statement released by BSC says that the college was notified by the FBI of a threat that a potential shooter was in LEA Hall on campus.

Students are currently sitting in dark classrooms with the doors locked and will remain there until the campus has been cleared.

Tweets are being posted by students using the hashtag #bsclockdown.

We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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