I think we can all agree the month of March was depressing and harsh. Businesses closed, unemployment sky-rocketed, most people were stuck at home - The "Stay At Home" orders were pretty common throughout our country. Here in town, we saw our local sports teams, from high school to college, shut-down almost immediately. The coronavirus seeped everywhere. No more entertainment, from theatres to you name it, everything seemed to go dark. We watched the daily reports on the television of the growing death rate, 24 hours a day of terrible mind-bending virus news. Are we headed for an even colder dreary summer?

There is no such thing as "giving up" in the minds of the Bismarck Parks and Recreation. The month of May has brought us slowly outside, testing the corona codes of safety. There are signs now that say "We're Open", a comforting sight indeed. The kids that have been holed up at home, trying to adapt to home studies/learning now face another big question heading into summer, will they have a chance to participate in any of the upcoming programs? RaNae Jochim, the Recreation Manager for Bismarck Parks and Recreation had this to say “We came up with some great ways to do it. You just have to minimize groups, a lot of group activities with large groups of kids. We want to eliminate touchpoints. All the kids are staying with sanitizing. You want to have enough space for them to maintain that social distancing,”  

The encouraging thing is, that there are signs of MOVING FORWARD and adapting to our new way of life. For more on this click here


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