Are you loving the new businesses popping up everywhere in Bismarck and Mandan? There is excitement in the air as more jobs open up and we broaden our horizons. Some people of course may not like change, but I'm all for it. My favorite part about living out here is that you can get away from the city in all directions, in just minutes, and yet still head downtown to work. Many people that I have come across live 10-15 minutes outside of town and commute five days a week - in big cities across the United States, during rush hour, that would be at least a 30-45 minute drive.

According to KFYRTV Bismarck Downtowner’s Association is aiming to provide more people places to live downtown. There are more than 8,000 jobs in downtown Bismarck but only 476 housing units, forcing most people to commute to work. There is a movement already underway for four large apartment projects that are currently under construction - the idea of course is to be able to plant residents in the city area. “North Dakota is a little different in terms of walkability, so we knew we had to increase the downtown housing so the commercial use could work" said Bismarck Downtowners’ Kate Herzog. 

Some of the units are expected to be open in June, while the 630 Main Street units are about a year away. The price range varies for each project, but all feature lots of amenities. So if you have an itch, and in need of a change, here is a perfect way to feel closer to the city, by living right in the middle of it.


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