There is a salon in Bismarck that's been around for decades, Escape on Third 424 S 3rd St #3 offers up every kind of style you are looking for. There is a hidden treasure there by the name of Kristal Schaaf - besides cutting hair, she also teaches and educates other employees there as well. Her heart though is what makes her stand out, doing what she loves to do along with her pride and joy - Murphy. He stands out on four hoofs so to speak. He is the 2nd horse that Kristal has had experience with, her first was a beauty named Bart. Schaaf leased this animal around 6 years ago while working at Missouri Ledge Appaloosas (horse boarding-horse breeding. Through a friend that worked at the physical therapy program at the University of Mary, she and Bart met Ben (a young man in grade school who has cerebral palsy) - getting together with two other side walkers, a one-hour rehabilitation experience, helping him with movement exercises. Sadly Bart passed away, but that left Kristal with ideas in her head, to experiment with years later.

Recently a one day retreat was introduced to about 9 to 10 fellow hairstylists, here is where they all gathered at the barn, and really absorbed each other's energy - the goal here is to mix coaching and horse therapy. To see how people respond, and how teamwork can grow. Schaaf told me on the phone that horses can feel your vibes and sense whether you are fake or not. This was a gathering for personal development - to find your own personality and discover what is blocking your reach to accomplish personal goals. Escape on Third's owner Teresa Felch saw the beauty in this project and judging by the excitement in Kristal's voice, this will not be the last time for a personal growth experience "We take it one hoof at a time"



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