This morning I was surfing through the internet, and something reached out and punched me in the stomach. A ghastly story, that took my breath away. I realize just how serious the coronavirus has become. My only ties so far with the virus, is seeing businesses closed, friends telling me they've been laid off. I am one of the lucky ones. I am still able to wake up, and drive to work, which is now considered a privilege to so many. The masses, who are told to "STAY AT HOME", are doing their best to be productive etc.

What shook me up so much, is a story of a German zoo, that is doing the unthinkable, feeding animals to other animals. They are having to do this, to cut costs. The zoo has been closed during these tough times. Some animals require more expensive food than others, therefore the director of Neumünster Zoo, has had to make a list of which animals will be perished. That is one job I could never do, picking and choosing the fate of animals that were captured and brought there in the first place. For more on this heartbreaking story, click here.

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