There are moments in your life you'll always remember, scoring a winning touchdown in a championship game, a senior prom, and your high school graduation. The day you step up to receive your diploma, family members are out in the audience giving you your just reward - admiration, respect, applause! The day you've looked forward to, well since forever. This year's coronavirus has destroyed so many traditional events - from entertainment venues to sports arenas, to wearing that cap and gown. I feel so bad for those that have worked so hard and have earned their right to that special day, and just like that, it's shut down. Well, maybe not altogether.

Bismarck, Mandan has come up with some solutions. There will be in-person high school graduation ceremonies. The coronavirus pandemic has brought up concerns and restrictions. In the early part of this month, the state of North Dakota issued guidance for our local school boards and administrators, whether or not to hold a ceremony, and how to go about it. When Governor Doug Burgum amended his executive order school closing facilities for a little breathing room to hold high school graduations, on their property, with limitations of course. The good news is there are several options available - a virtual or live stream ceremony has been brought up - which would benefit those that can't be here. Some of suggested a drive-in event, or maybe tie that into a parade. The encouraging thing is, what first seemed like an awful dead-in scenario ( No graduation ceremonies at all ), now has a very promising outlook. For more on this story click here.


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