This is where we are in a society, with so many smart phones and apps available. They are actually marketing this minimal phone device called the Light phone which can take us back 20 years.

The Light phone is a dumb phone that only texts, makes calls and sets alarms .... Kinda like what the original cellphone did 12 years ago????

In this age of  digital and Marketing,  we're getting so addicted to all the other things that are available through our phones and it's interesting that a Brooklyn (hipster) company has come up with what we started with a phone that just texts and makes calls. The funny thing though is that this item is actually being received very well and almost going viral.  I find it hard to believe an item like that would be received well in a very common sense type town like Bismark /Mandan  which is unfazed by the latest hipster trends.  What a breath of fresh air !

If you want to read more about this device here's and article from The business insider

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