THIS has to be the most terrifying thing ever

What do you fear the most? There are some people that will actually make it an effort to face what scares them head-on. That takes guts, I respect that, but I'm not sure I would be able to tackle mine ever again.

Attempting to perform stand-up comedy without a doubt is sheer terror

I tried this, ONCE. Years ago in San Diego, I walked into a bar ( no not the start of a really bad joke ) and entered myself into a stand-up comedy contest. If you listen closely, you can still hear the thud of a 147-pound man BOMBING. After what seemed like 20 hours ( only 3 minutes ) I ran off stage and found myself in the men's bathroom, shaking behind one of the stall doors. The knockout blow was when I heard my friends come in seconds later saying "Man Bromo sucked!!!!!!"

I never tried again

I learned my lesson that night. To do comedy on a regular basis has got to be the biggest kick in the world, and your nerves have to be razor-sharp. Have you ever thought about it? Would you be able to walk into a bar in Bismarck/Mandan and have the guts to try and make people laugh? Well here is your opportunity: Sixteen03 Main Events Facebook page has this event scheduled "We will be hosting our first Comedy Open Mic Night at Sixteen03 Main Events on Nov 18th!"

Gulp. Hey Bromo what was it like on stage that one night?

The second I set my foot on the stage I felt like I had just jumped off an airplane with no parachute. All I can say is, get ready for the biggest rush you'll ever experience, and remember there WILL be a bathroom stall available just for you if needed!


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