At first glance, MOST people will probably point out the obvious

That is what I am predicting. Today I walked out to our parking lot at our radio station in Mandan. All of our company vehicles were all ( four of them ) in a row. So now let me pose to you this question, "What's wrong with this picture?"

The one car in the middle is parked too close to the Hot 97.5 vehicle...?

Is that it? "The car in the middle is parked too close to the one on the right?" Maybe, but in my opinion that isn't the problem here. I have seen this kind of situation way too many times - at the store, at the Kirkwood Mall, even WHEN there appears to be a ton of empty parking spaces, SOMEONE always insists on BACKING IN. WHY?

What are the reasons ( if there are more than one ) WHY people back into a parking slot?

Some say that one reason is that it is safer when they pull out of their spot, easier to avoid an accident etc. I say it appears to be MORE of a hassle when you spend an extra second or two carefully backing in - in our case, especially if you are driving a vehicle with a HUGE blind spot - like this WALLEYE fish cutting off your rear vision:


Oh, and hey, there is nothing on this earth more ANNOYING than that backup beeping noise that some cars have - letting us alllll know that someone special just arrived.

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