A couple of weeks ago I had an opportunity to represent 96-5 The Fox at a Bismarck Larks promotion - it was held at Elk Ridge Park. I had no clue how to get there of course, so I set my GPS up on my phone, and off I went. What a gorgeous place - wide open space with new homes being developed, tennis courts are already firmly planted, and a neat little area for the kids to play at. There is a shelter with bathrooms AND Bismarck's first outdoor pickleball complex.

Brand new school under construction

One of my favorite things about Bismarck and Mandan is the people - the support for one another is so obvious out in this part of town. With new neighbors comes a brand new elementary school slated to open in the fall of 2022. While I was there, I actually looked out towards the horizon and saw people hard at work - bulldozing something, moving dirt around - and this was on a SUNDAY!

This is NOT a commercial for a real estate company

This was just my observation, I was so impressed with the Northwest Bismarck area. I looked across the way and imagined how wonderful that's going to be for families when the new school opens - kids literally WALKING to a school so safe and close to their home. Looking around that warm Sunday afternoon, I saw a family having a picnic in the shade, next to the tennis courts - it was charming. The one thought that came to mind was, yes this is progress - good positive things happening to enrich lives - ALL of ours.


Get Out And See North Dakota!!!



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