I hate to use that old expression "The writing is on the wall" - but in this scenario, it looks like it's pretty accurate

The wear and tear of nationwide chain businesses occur quite a bit, and it's always sad when after all the rumors about one of your favorite places that you have shopped at for years, make that decision to close its doors for good. Just over a year ago one of my co-workers wrote a story about Bed Bath & Beyond - it sure seems like a long time ago when the company announced "...37 of approximately 200 stores it plans to close in the coming weeks" At that point - January 2022 - he chose to call our local Bed Bath & Beyond store and see if we were on that awful list. The information he received was that the person on the other line "Had no clue..." and suggested contacting their corporate office, and that was as far as he could get.

I just came across this - this morning (Saturday, January 28th, 2023 )


The words said it all - still you never know, sometimes posts like this can be misleading, for instance, it will say "Close-Out Sale" and then in extra tiny words at the bottom, it might read "close-out sale for January" - I figured it wouldn't hurt to place another call to Bismarck's Bed Bath & Beyond. I talked to the first person that picked up the phone and that was Steve the manager. I told him that I saw the "store closing sale" post, and was it accurate, The answer back was that Bismarck's Bed Bath & Beyond will be closing for good in April. I thanked him for his time. I didn't know what else to say - Sad, isn't it?

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