I am from San Diego, California. A huge city, freeways are getting more and more congested, people seem to rush here and there, not taking too much time to enjoy their surroundings, etc. I moved to Fargo North Dakota in 2014, kind of a culture shock, not to mention the biggest factor that addressed me pretty quick, the weather of course. Here is the thing, I've had never experienced what the "change of seasons" is like. I mean, if it ever did get below, let's say 42 degrees, that was the lead story in the news. I never in my life saw snowfall ( in person ) until like my 4th day in ND, walking out in the middle of the street in Casselton, ND I must have looked like a crazy man. Looking up into the sky as snow pelted my pointed head, I loved it!

After a year in Fargo, I lived in Minot for over four years. I learned what a slower-paced life is like. Never a traffic jam. Small town living. Just last February, I moved here to Bismarck, and then literally like days after I got settled in, coronavirus came into town as well. I didn't have a chance to see what Bismarck/Mandan is all about, most places were shut down. The one thing I have come to experience out here is that there is a ton of compassion that radiates all around. People care about their neighbors, businesses, and through all the COVID-19 crisis, North Dakotans have risen to the occasion and then some. Here is just another example of even more ways Bismarck is taking care of their own. Check it out here.


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