If you live in Bismarck-Mandan, or are on TikTok, you probably have heard of "The TikTok Bachelor," Matthew Wurnig. Before the pandemic, Matt was the "Director of Fun" with the Bismarck Larks. When the pandemic hit, he created a new and wild way to virtually date!

Matt's virtual dating brainchild was simply called "50 Dates 50 States." Matt virtually dated one person from every state and documented his journey on TikTok. After the virtual dates went viral, he took a leap of faith and decided to take "50 Dates 50 States" on the road. His five-and-a-half month journey took him on an adventure and pretty much turned him into a celebrity.

Today, Matt spoke about the wild experience he had and where his journey is heading at the Bismarck Municipal Ballpark, the place where his career in entertainment all began. Matt talked about everything from what really inspired him to create this style of dating and how taking on that challenge is changing his life.

Sometime after the pandemic hit, Matt got a Tinder notification that people could set their location anywhere in the United States for free. He started doing these virtual dates before summer and even got to the point where he got under a "good faith" contract with a producer who was interested in creating a docu-series or reality show about "50 Dates 50 States." But as summer came, it all had to put it "on the back burner" while Matt was busy with the Bismarck Larks.

Matt did eventually finish his virtual dates, and the journey was blowing up on TikTok. So much to the point that he decided to step-up the game and go to every state for in-person dates. He saved money, left his job, got some sponsor deals, wrapped his truck in the "50 Dates 50 States" logo, and started his trek.

Matt talked about going on dates with women between 19 and 30. He humbly noted that the younger dates were totally excited about being on a date with "The TikTok Bachelor." He went on fun dates and had experiences unique to the states and cities he went. He also met fans and followers along the way.

Today, Matt is planning on flying out to Los Angeles because some big things are in the works for the next chapter of "50 Dates 50 States." Matt said he does not know how big this will get for him, but he was excited for the love and support he has gotten throughout his journey. And he is happy to know that his fellow North Dakotans are rooting for him!

Matt came to the Townsquare studios a few weeks ago. I shamelessly got a selfie with him for proof in case he becomes our next Josh Duhamel!

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