I LOVE writing articles about BisMan people who are filled with honest passion

This is 19-year-old Katie Bartnick. I met her just over a week ago. Thanks to her father Bryan, she was listening to us in the car and called in and won a prize. Off the air, I took her information and could tell instantly by her enthusiasm that she had that future stardom personality. I found that she is majoring in broadcasting and journalism in her 2nd year at Minnesota State University Moorhead. So my main goal was to bring her out to our studios here on the strip in Mandan. This morning was the day.

A job offer within three minutes

Literally, within three minutes of walking into our building, my boss offered her a job :) - With a huge personal smile, Katie has the gift to make others feel comfortable, and that is HUGE in our business. I walked her around to check out our 5 radio station studios - each one is different in its own format and style. Country music is her favorite, but she listens to other kinds as well, since her passion is music. I had one simple question - "Why are you pursuing my profession  ( Broadcasting )? " It's not an easy one, and some people think radio is a dying breed.

"When I was younger I recorded myself reading off the newspaper"

No doubt she picked up some skills by doing that, for one thing, she mentioned that she loves to interview others ( as in a news reporter ) - she spent some time focusing on that in her first year of college. There are many ways of building a bright future in this business, and she tackles one of them weekly. "The Buzz With Katie B" is her very own podcast - she has compiled over 20 episodes, and knowing this from experience, podcasts are not easy. YOU are the one that is in control of whatever you want to talk about - these are not just like two minutes long either, they average about a half-hour. The number one question I get from others is "How do you know what to talk about?" With time obviously, you don't even think about it, but Katie has already shown that she'll have no problem in that area.

Main goal: To interview artists, wants to attract big names

A modest goal in my opinion, as she continues on her path, her confidence and charm will have no issue attracting others for her to interview, it's a natural talent she has that very few others have. So look out for her in the very near future!

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