Do you want to do some good in our community? Have you ever wondered "What can I possibly do to be of help to anyone that may need it?" I have the answer, and it's so easy.

Heavens Helpers Soup Cafe - Not JUST a Cafe

This wonderful non-profit organization has been a huge part of Bismarck since 2009. Providing a warm place for those that need an even warmer meal. Since their opening, they have served souls that were in desperate need of caring people. Unfortunately, they lost their lease.

2018 saw a rebirth of what they do the best

220 N 23rd st became the home of Heavens Helpers Soup Cafe. I had the chance to talk to Mark Meier, the director, on the phone this afternoon. His passion is as clear as a bell. This haven is a beacon for people of all ages, and it's a shining light in Bismarck. We are extremely lucky to have a HUGE part of heaven to walk in and see all the people who give their time to volunteer. A message from their Facebook page just days ago "After having to reduce our hours this summer because of lack of volunteers, we decided to try to bring back our final shift of the day so we could feed more people. Monday is our first try and we're in trouble. We're in trouble all week actually. If you can help us out we'd sure appreciate it"

This is where YOU can help

They are having trouble filling their 2 pm - 4 pm hours, but Mark told me that they really could use help with 4 pm - 6 pm. Think about giving yourself to such a terrific place for just a few hours - Here is where you can click for all the info YOU need to volunteer.

What would you be doing you ask?

I have the answer - Mark told me you'll be helping out by waiting on tables or serving soup & sandwiches or just being there - with a willing attitude.

One last perfect paragraph

I had the opportunity to ask Mark what he loves most about the Heavens Helpers Soup Cafe, and his answer was perfect: "Seeing people come in expecting a soup kitchen, and realizing it's so much more - they are actually experiencing a loving atmosphere and are being treated with dignity and respect"  I personally want to thank him for talking to me today, people like Mark make you feel better about yourself and inspire you to see the good in all of us.


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