November 20th is the projected date for the opening day of their new space

2306 E. Broadway is their new address - check this out:

Heavens Helpers Closet 701 Facebook
Heavens Helpers Closet 701 Facebook

This wonderful group has been taking care of people for years, dedicating their efforts to helping those in need - of clothes, bedding, personal items such as towels, washcloths, shampoo, soap, and footwear. They do all of this with love in their hearts - making it dignified for those who choose to come in and select what they need.

Heavens Helpers Closet 701 is excited and ready to continue doing what they do best

Giving back to our community and being a comfortable place for others to come to. Heavens Helpers Closet 701 had this to say on its Facebook page yesterday morning:

"As we continue to get our new space, 2306 E. Broadway ready for the community, we wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to City Air Mechanical Inc. Your company's commitment to providing exceptional ductwork has made a significant difference in transforming our new space into a safe and welcoming environment. We are truly grateful for your generosity"

 A textbook example of what these people do

This post is from last week:

"...Last week Thursday the Closet was closed due to starting the process of relocating to 2306 E. Broadway. Two men drove into the parking lot as volunteers were loading up vehicles with items to move. When the men were told we were closed they were disappointed but were asked what they needed and if the need was urgent. They'd both recently went from homelessness to having an apartment and were starting new jobs that same day. The jobs were outdoors so we know what that means in November in ND! We gladly brought them inside and they were able to find what they needed to work in the cold. They were so appreciative. They insisted they help us since we helped them. They carried many heavy items from upstairs storage to downstairs. We both needed something the other could provide. How GREAT is that? Was it just a coincidence?! We are Heaven's Helpers Closet (701) so...maybe not!"

Let's all drop by

I think a great idea would be to drop by on the 20th, or shortly after, and let Heavens Helpers Closet 701 how awesome they are.


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