"Orange Crush" began back on April 1st

His name is Cole Craven - he lives here in Bismarck and has an interest in pumpkins - so much so that he began to find himself wanting more information, and how he could find a Facebook group or two that shared the same fondness for that "October Tradition" - we all associate pumpkins with Halloween, at least I do. Cole found someone that was growing these fun round orange objects - this person had a pumpkin that was weighed in at more than 2,000 pounds, after exchanging messages, some seeds from this huge spectacle were mailed to Cole - The birth of "Orange Crush" was about to happen.

Keeping the genes together

Pollinated July 4th and 5th, Cole's Crush began to expand and continue to grow. He started his hobby a couple of years ago, and as he told me on the phone "A lot of people ask me why I do this?" His reply to me about that very question was simple "I think it's cool to see the progression - and to just sit outside and connect with nature"

Without a doubt an impressive pumpkin patch

In Cole's pumpkin patch sits 5 that weigh over 100 pounds each. I was curious what he plans on doing with "Orange Crush" - "Yet to de determined" he replied.

On display for all of its glory

This morning he put a post out on his FB page - currently "Orange Crush" is sitting majestically at Apple Creek Farm, east of Bismarck. There will be more info in the next couple of days about possibly viewing this amazing pumpkin yourself! Long live the "Orange Crush" -


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