"Full throttle, full steam ahead....all engines GO..."   Alright you get the idea, this is a story of true motivation

Her name is Sharon Erickson, she lives here in Bismarck and she manages an awesome place called Schlotzsky's on 2000 N 12th ST STE 130 - You would never know she's been there for 20 years by looking at her warm and caring smile. I had the opportunity to drive by for lunch a couple of weeks ago ( once a week is my goal ), and while waiting for my calzone, I noticed the sign on the take-out window that listed their hours of operation - which drove me to ask one question...

"I noticed you guys are back to being open 7 days a week..."

The very engaging happy woman answered me with a welcome answer -"We came back to being open again on Sundays back in late October" - If you remember back in September "Schlotzsky's Austin Eatery made an announcement recently on their social media page -they will now be closed on Sundays due to a staffing shortage in Bismarck Mandan"


Her name is Sharon Erickson, the manager of Schlotzsky's, she impressed me so much with her enthusiasm, honesty, and motivation. "When we first closed, it was killing me. I felt like a failure, in 20 years that was the first time we had to close our doors one day a week, bothered me so much"  A simple observation from myself took about a minute and a half to see just how much she really cares about her customers and takes great pride in her work - Bismarck is lucky to have her! The motivating part of this whole thing is, she found a way to fight through the struggles of being understaffed, and the look on her face when she was telling me they are back on track said it all.


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