The Black Lives Matter Instagram page in Fargo posted a screenshot of a Snapchat group that included a racial slur in the title. Then, Valley News Live (Fargo) reported further on the situation that there was another screenshot from that group that read, "We’re not racist, we just prefer white people."

Valley News Live interviewed the North Dakota State University Dean of Students, Casey Peterson, who said the issue was dealt with shortly after the information was received. They also interviewed a Black student named Aeshia Williams, who says that more needs to be done because this is not a joke to her grandmother, mother, or herself. Get the full story and interviews from Valley News Live here.

Many would consider this as hateful, blatant racism. Others would criticize the students while noting that they are entitled to freedom of speech. That may be true, but have you ever heard the phrase, "Freedom of choice, not freedom from consequences"?

Those students who are a part of this group do have every right to say what they want about Black people, or any group of people. But anyone who opposes that type of language and behavior has every right to put the people in the Snapchat group on blast.

I am wondering what is the purpose of saying things like, "We're not racist, we just prefer white people,"? And if you only prefer white people, why would you make a whole Snapchat group title that includes a racial slur? Do these people really have nothing better to do than dedicate an entire social media group and conversations to hating on non-whites?

We live in a different time. Not that racism was ever actually justifiable, but our society is actively working towards acceptance and tolerance. We need to evolve.

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