Whenever a tragedy like the Boston Marathon bombing happens, celebrities and athletes always step up and do whatever they can to help raise money and awareness for the victims. Bradley Cooper and New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman took it one step further and personally visited victims in the hospital.

The above photo was posted to Julian Edelman's Twitter account. You may recognize the man in the hospital bed, though he looks a bit different than the last time we saw him. That's because Jeffrey Bauman Jr. is the man in the now infamous wheelchair picture after both of his legs were blown off by one of the explosions. Bauman also just so happens to be the guy that identified the bombers, which led to today's massive manhunt.

For Bradley Cooper and Julian Edelman to take the time to go and visit this man is absolutely awesome. So many celebrities are going to do whatever they can to help but only a handful will actually go and do what Cooper and Edelman did. So, to the both of them I say "Thank you".

[SOURCE: WithLeather.com]

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