I suffer from almost everyone else the "Where in the heck did the weekend go?" routine when my alarm goes off on Monday morning. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but I also crave the weekends - but softening the blow of a Monday was when I walked out to my car.

The sky was blue and filled with clean air

I was immediately taken aback by the clear skies filled with CLEAN air. For the last couple of weeks, Bismarck/Mandan has been plagued by smoke in the skies from the fires that have been ongoing in Canada - therefore we have been walking around in potential health-damaging air. As I was driving into work, I heard Scott McGowan on our sister station Cool 98.7 relay the same observation that I had -  and it was dead-on!

"How awesome is it that we are experiencing fresh clean air in Bismarck"

Scott's word could not have been more accurate - the morning air combined with the sunshine beaming down, felt like a fall Monday morning! Later on in the day, he told me about a source you can go on yourself to monitor what our upcoming days will be like as far as our lungs are concerned.

A simple click on this website will get you a preview

Here is a place you can go to check out where the fire hotspots are in Canada. In the meantime, while our skies are clear and beautiful, get outside and breathe in the North Dakota skies!


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