Have you heard that old expression "Lightning strikes twice."  I wonder if there is anyone out there that has observed that actually has happened. Then, of course, there is another saying wondering if a burglar has robbed the same house twice. Well here in Bismarck, that rings true at McDonald's every weekend. Except for this lady is not a thief, she drives a car with the license plate that reads "HMBRGLR", and she visits her favorite restaurant ( McDonald's ) every Saturday and Sunday. She's such a regular there that employees greet her by name. Jodi Butz had an ambition to one day own a piece of the popular restaurant chain. She might as well, she's started quite a collection of golden arches goodies. KFYR got this answer to just how serious Jodi is “I have collector's items all over the place. Cookies jars, Little Tikes McDonalds everything."

Her real claim to fame came to her NOT because an employee or manager recognized her zest for the eatery, but because of someone driving behind her in-line. Amanda Dvorak, like so many others, has been confined to working from her home since March thanks to the coronavirus. When stir-crazy kicks in, you do whatever you can just to escape your house, and that is what drove Amanda to the same McDonalds's restaurant, pulling into the drive-thru right behind the BRGLR. Not a sight you see every day, Amanda whipped out her trusty cell phone and snapped a picture. That pic swirled around the internet and landed on the Tosh O tv show ( currently on the Comedy Central )

The funny thing is, Amanda and Jodi have never met in person. Jodi enjoys your fame and a huge "Thanks" for Amanda and her quick camera reflexes.  Another famous person in Bismarck hitting up McDonald's on the weekends. For more on this story click here.



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