Now that the goblins and ghouls are behind us, here is a scary matter for you

Yes, now that we have survived another Halloween, it is a brand new month, and to kick that off there are some things you must be extra aware of. Whether you are going across town, or just a mile away to the store, make it a habit to WEAR your seatbelt. Could cost you some money if you don't.

As of this morning, November 1st, police will be out in force keeping their eyes peeled on if you are strapped in or not

According to apnews "The “Click it or Ticket” enforcement campaign with extra patrols is planned Monday through Dec. 16, according to the state Transportation Department" This is nothing new of course, they did the same kind of thing this past summer, where citations were written for people speeding, or their registration was out on their vehicle. An obvious site of you in your car, out on the roads without a seat belt on, WILL get you a ticket.

Why wouldn't you wear your seatbelt anyway?

This isn't a matter of restricting your freedom, some may look at it that way, and think that they should be able to have that choice of being allowed "Seat Belt Free". Here is one simple statistic, that should be enough to convince you to always put on your seat belt. Apnews reported that "According to officials, a person who failed to wear a seat belt was killed in a crash every nine days in North Dakota last year" So bottom line, just "Click it" and save yourself some money.

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