Boy sure seems like yesterday that this was all people hated, talked about, and went out of their way to avoid

That one Instagram that Bud Light was a part of stirred up so much hate - I can't ever remember an issue that caused so many people to flat-out say they would never drink their product again. Big-time personalities became irate, and let it be known. This took place back in April, a simple promotion that went completely sour ( for how long though? )

Some celebrities and major retailers became defiant and wanted nothing to do with...

...Bud Light. This was all the talk around the good old water cooler at work - social media had a field day with this - according to "...Dylan Mulvaney, the transgender influencer, promoted the beer on Instagram, conservatives called for a boycott. The fallout grew to include the retailer Target and the country singer Garth Brooks"

Rock singer Kid Rock had no problem expressing his disdain...see for yourself:

The DC Shorts YouTube


At this point, it was looking like Bud Light may never recover, as disaster struck - sales dropped at a huge rate. The beautiful about life is - that time truly heals all wounds ( or most people )

Bud Light And North Dakota State  - Time to tip back a cold one

Check it out -  from the D-S Beverages Facebook Page:

Limited Edition Commemorative Cans!
For years, D-S Beverages and Bud Light have been proud partners of the NDSU Bison - making it official in 2020 by becoming The Official Beer Sponsor of the Bison. Since then, we made it our goal to bring custom Bud Light Bison cans to the FM area and we were beyond excited to receive the news at the beginning of this year that NDSU had been selected as 1 of 22 colleges across the country to receive custom team cans!!
Coming soon! Roll Herd! #BudLightTeamCans#BudLightNDSUCans
D-S Beverages
D-S Beverages

Live and live, right?

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