I immediately looked out our window here at our radio station ( the 12th-floor elevator busted )...

...and everything looked normal. I didn't see any police cars and first responders speeding down Memorial Highway - just the usual, snow falling sideways, and fog causing our footing to be extra slippery ( nothing new at all ). Yet inside our building, I could feel the tension, something was wrong.

Facebook and Instagram are both DOWN!

It was a loud shout heard by us all - my first thought was "Let's all hurry up and get out of the building..." - but why? So I figured we were having a technical issue here at our studios, picked up MY cell phone, and saw for myself that I couldn't open MY account. Yikes.

Well time for action, as smart as I am, I quickly went to the internet - our friend GOOGLE

That's right, if anyone could be of help, it would be GOOGLE. I typed in "Facebook has crashed" - and there in front of me was a bunch of news already on it...according to variety.com  "Meta’s Facebook and Instagram were experiencing widespread technical problems Tuesday, with thousands of users logging errors in accessing the social media services. Users reported problems including being logged out of Facebook — and when they attempted to log back in, saw an error message such as, “Something went wrong. Please try again.” According to monitoring service Downdetector, error reports spiked just after 10:30 a.m. ET Tuesday. As of 11 a.m., Downdetector had received more than 500,000 error reports"

Ok...well...let's all avoid panicking...

...and keep our Facebook fingers crossed that this will get resolved soon.


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