From a Non-Bud Drinker, I have to be impressed with the marketing efforts these guys have done over the years.

George Washington

They've aligned themselves with the Working Joe and the patriotism that comes along with it. So it's pretty understandable that they make a beer with George Washington's recipe. According to CNBC, the beer Called the Freedom Reserve Red Lager is looking to be malt forward with a hint of molasses and at 5.4% it's definitely crushable.

Curious about the body though and is it going to taste anywhere close to what Bud heavy tastes like? If that's a yes I'd be worried,  but it seems like they really are sticking to GW's recipe.

Budweiser isn't the first to make a beer from George Washington's military journal though, Bluepoint brewery in Long Island, NY also made a brew and coincidentally theyre owned by Bud...hmmm.

Well, I like the Patriotism, especially from a Belgian /Brazilian company like Anheuser Bush so I hope they keep going with it.


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