This is a list compiled by ESPN's PAGE 2 - - a select group of columnists and editors have put their knowledge and picks together to bring you this top ten - for the most part, I believe they are right on the money. HOWEVER, I have my own thoughts, away I go. First of all, BULL DURHAM number ONE, are you kidding? This is a baseball movie centered around an aging veteran catcher, on a minor league team, dealing with a talented rookie pitcher. I love the plot, right up until the LOVE interest comes into play. I could care less about watching the young and old fighting over a cougar. Some silly awful dialogues are way too unnecessary in my opinion. ROCKY for sure belongs on this list. This is a patent perfect story of a complete underdog defying all odds. The best part of the movie, that we can all relate to, is GOING THE DISTANCE. Whether Rocky wins or loses, WE all feel his desire and determination at the end of the movie. There is another movie on this list that for me doesn't cut it, and will draw many arguments aimed my way. CADDYSHACK is a comedy - PERIOD. Sure golf is played, I get it, but the genius of this movie is the actors that draw out the personalities. The competition out on the course is just a path for the humor to be played out on. FIELD OF DREAMS, in my opinion, goes deeper than any of the other movies, the very end of the movie will make you think about what's really important in life. I am quite surprised and disappointed that MIRACLE was NOT on this list, based on the true 1980 U.S men's Olympic hockey team. "DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?" a statement that will echo in our hearts forever. For more on this list from ESPN, click here.